CCCS Announces 1st Quarter Honor Roll

Mundys Corner, PA. – Cambria County Christian School announces the 2021-2022 Quarter 1 Honor Roll. To be recognized for the Honor Roll, a student must have all A’s and B’s in all subjects. High Honors consist of a student having all A’s in all subjects.

First Grade: Nathan Matthews

Second Grade: Jacob Fertick, David Pollino

Third Grade: Emmalyn Matthews, Gideon Sheptock

Fourth Grade: Abigail Schilling, Saige Underwood

Fifth Grade: Angela Schilling, Jude Sheptock, Hannah Handlon

Seventh Grade: Brenna Covalt, Jayla Handlon, Madison Myers

Ninth Grade: Jailyn Fenchak

Tenth Grade: Sarah Scott, Zoey Snyder

Eleventh Grade: Jacob Wentz

Twelfth Grade: Trevor Farabaugh

CCCS Holds Spring Banquet and Race for Education

CCCS Holds Spring Banquet and Race for Education

Mundys Corner, PA. – On Thursday, April 23, Cambria County Christian School held its first ever virtual Spring Banquet. CCCS normally has an in-person banquet toward the beginning of April, but due to Covid-19 closures, we were forced to explore other options to help our school obtain the needed funds usually raised at the banquet. Last year, the banquet was held at Hoss’s Steak and Sea House in Ebensburg, and the school was able to raise approximately $26,000. This year, for the first ever virtual banquet, Cambria County Christian School was able to raise slightly more than $32,000, which is a huge success for the school.

CCCS is currently holding their Race For Education virtually, as well. Each child is to run, walk, or ride a bike for the distance of a 5K, and then take a picture or video of them accomplishing this task. Before school was closed, each student wrote letters to family and friends asking for sponsors for them to participate in this fundraiser. We were to hold the race at the school in April, but again, we were forced to try something new. Each child who participates will receive a treat bag, and the three students who bring in the most sponsorship money will receive a gift card.

We continue to teach remotely through Google classroom and other various apps. We plan on finishing our school year May 30. We are currently accepting and registering students for the 2020-2021 school year for all grades. Call the school for more information (814)749-7406. We do offer financial aid.


CCCS Completes One Month of Virtual Learning

CCCS Completes One Month of Virtual Learning

Mundys Corner, PA. – On Wednesday, April 15, Cambria County Christian School reached their one-month mark of virtual classes. On March 13, after hearing several rumors about the possibility of schools closing in our area due to Covid-19, the administration and staff at CCCS met to discuss ways to transfer classes online. The administration and staff worked tirelessly that Friday preparing packets to send home with students for them to work on over the following two weeks. An email was sent out to every family informing them that students would be dismissed at the end of the day with all of their textbooks, this way, parents could choose to pick up their child, so that they did not have to carry all of their books home by themselves.

After the teachers worked all weekend setting up their Google classrooms, Monday morning started with what was to become the “new normal” for CCCS education. Since then, it hasn’t been completely easy, and we’ve had to work out a few bugs, but we have now developed a system of learning that will ensure all students are ready to advance to the next grade come the 2020-2021 school year.

Each week, the teachers prepare the following week’s work in packets that are placed in a bin outside. This allows parents to come at any time over the weekend and pick up their child’s/children’s work for the upcoming week’s classes. In addition to supplying the necessary paperwork and supplies, each teacher uses several apps to deliver videos that facilitate students’ learning of the new curricula being taught. Most of the teachers use Educreations, Seesaw, Desmos, and Zoom. While these new systems have been a learning experience for everyone, we continue to take things day by day, and, most importantly, we thank God for our ability to continue teaching our students during these tough times.