Our Program


An emphasis upon academic achievement is the first element in this dynamic balance. Students learn from Christian teachers who challenge them to do their best. On Stanford Achievement Tests, Christian school students consistently score one year ahead of the national norms.


Positive peers and family involvement best describes the second element of Cambria County Christian School. Students are surrounded by role models who will influence the rest of their lives.


Students are surrounded by people who care for them and encourage them.


Physical development is important at Cambria County Christian School. Students need a break from their studies to enjoy physical education classes, as well as unstructured recess for our elementary students.


The final and most important element at Cambria County Christian School is a commitment to Christ. Students are not only taught the values and principles as written in the Bible, but they are also challenged to reach beyond themselves into the community and apply the knowledge they have gained. Students help others achieve what they have been so fortunate to obtain through their relationship with Jesus Christ.