CCCS is privileged to have a working school board, who are not only committed to the education and the spiritual well-being of each student and faculty member, but are also generous in giving of their time, talents and finances for the advancement of Christian education in the Cambria County region.

The CCCS School Board is comprised of six members who are members of the congregation of Pike Grace Brethren and two members who are elected by the parents of CCCS that serve a two year term. The CCCS Administrator is a Member At Large on the board offering suggestions and counsel without a vote. The Treasurer is also a Member At Large sharing the financial picture without a vote.

CCCS School Board Meetings are held once a month. For information of how to contact a school board member or address the CCCS School Board, please contact the school office during regular business hours.

Administrators : Bonnie Berkebile, Patricia Ferguson
School Board President : Jim Buhaly
Pike Grace Brethren Members : Barry Deetscreek, Susan Good, Pick Johnson, Lisa Sokira, Sheree Wassum
Treasurer : Gene Berkebile