TUITION TABLE – 2022-2023

One student/family $5230 $436/month, 12 months Aug-July
Two students/family $7370  $614/month, 12 months Aug-July
Three + students/family $8451  $704/month, 12 months Aug-July
K-4 $1530  $170/month, 9 months Sept-May
3yr. & 4yr. old (2 sessions a week) $1260  $140/month, 9 months Sept-May
Registration Fee $250 $200 for new families

Preschool has a $35 (3&4 year-olds) & $50 (k-4) Non-refundable registration fee due with the application.

Timely tuition payments are necessary in order for CCCS to meet its financial obligations.


Registration fees are necessary to confirm your attendance for the following year and to provide the school with funds needed to buy supplies for the upcoming school year which begins in August.  Registration fees are paid at re-enrollment or within one month of acceptance or before school begins, whichever is earlier for families.
A $50 coupon is available for returning families re-enrolling by the designated dates.  A $50 discount is awarded to all new families if they pay within one month of their acceptance.


Tuition may be paid in full by July 15 or made by monthly payments through FACTS which arranges automatic payments through a savings or checking account.  There is a $50 fee for this service.
Tuition reduction is available only through application for financial aid made through FFNA (Family Financial Needs Assessment).  Financial aid is granted according to financial need.  Returning families must file an FFNA application by April 30.  Aid is granted on a yearly basis; financial aid must be re-filed every year.  Application may be made online by visiting our Financial Aid page.


“Students whose accounts are 60 days past due will be dismissed from the school.  In the event I do not pay the total tuition due for the year on or before June 15th, I will sign a FACTS form and my tuition will be divided equally over the 12 month period from August to July and be deducted automatically from my bank account.”
To set up future monthly payments with FACTS, visit: